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Redundant CPU: The redundant CPU of the AH Series adopts a reliable redundancy structure, and integrates synchronous modules, Ethernet ports, and serial communication interfaces for a more competitive control solution.

● Highly integrated software ISPSoft: Graphical Interface with 5 programming languages

● Hot Swapping Function

● Redundancy available in CPU / PS / Back Plane And communication

● CPU switching Time: 100ms

● Enhanced flexibility: Max. 100m between 2 local extension racks

● Improved maintainability: Hot-swapping function keeps the system running

● Utilizes 32-bit processor

● Excellent program execution speed: LD instruction execution speed 0.02µs

● Max. I/O points:

  • DIO: Max. 4,352 points
  • AIO: Max. 544 channels
  • RIO>100,000 points

● Program capacity: Max 384k steps (1.5MB)

● Data register (D+L) 256k words

● CPU built-in with fully isolated RS-232/422/485, Mini USB, Ethernet, full-size standard SD(standard CPU)/SDHC(advanced CPU) card slot

● The abundant selection of DIO modules, AIO modules, temperature control modules, network modules.




  • Welding Solution For Automotive Industry

    The leading edge technology in welding application for automotive industry has become essential today making new combination of Auto body Parts. Innovative welding technique enables automotive manufacturer focus on welding process to joint lighter yet strong and fuel efficient vehicle parts employing lightweight materials. Welding solution of LUBI in automotive industry offers manufacturers flexible and sustainable welding development with the help of advance automation products and high precision mechanical parts for complex corrosive environments.

  • Intelligent Process Control System for Fermentor Industry

    Fermentation is complex process to monitor and control, particularly when traditional systems used to consummate the purpose. It is often impossible to directly measure the state of the control process online for fermentation. To overcome such deficiency in typical fermentation process, it becomes imperative to deploy automation control system for appropriate decision making, missed actions as a result of human scan rates, lower yields, lower production rates and increased downstream process variability. Automation technology and engineering expertise of LUBI enables precise control and monitoring over the industrial fermentation to produce bulk and fine chemicals in F&B and pharmaceutical industries.

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