Ball Screws

Ball Screws


Ball Screws

Ballscrews for linear motion are used in wide range of applications across discrete types of industries for precise motion. The significant advantage of ball screw which uses ball bearings running in the helical channel for transmission of the load. It becomes requisite in high precision applications to translate rotary motion of a motor in to a linear motion to travel a payload with low friction.Ball Screw consist of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with rolling elements that cycle through a return mechanism. Hiwin Corporation provides a wide range of ballscrew configurations to satisfy your precise application requirements. Hiwin has the capability of producing JIS C0 class ground ballscrews, and DIN 5 class (up to 23 microns) for precision rolled ballscrews. Ballscrew O.D. ranging from 4mm to 120mm, and with Dm-N values up to 220,000.

  • Ground Ball Screw

    The Ground Ball Screws of HIWIN features high positioning accuracy,repatability,low friction moment with long service life,which is made through grinding process of the screw spindle.The Ground ball screw supports better accuracy between ordinary grade rolled ball screw and Higher grade...

  • Rolled Ball Screw

    HIWIN Rolled Ballscrews are made by a rolling process of the screw spindle instead of a grinding process.Rolled ball screws have benifit of low friction and smooth moment compare to other traditional ball screw mechanism.Rolled ballscrews use the same preload...

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