CNC Controller

CNC Controller

CNC Controller

Computer Numerical Control, commonly known as CNC is the automated control of machining (such as lathes, mills, drills) by means of a computer. A CNC machine processes a piece of material (metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or composite) to meet specifications by following coded programmed instructions. (ISO G Codes) G Codes can help to perform machining of complex parts.

  • Milling Series

    LNC Milling series controllers feature high speed and high reliability for machining center and tapping center. It comes with Linux-based real-time operation system. It provides open HMI and supports fieldbus protocol such as EtherCAT. It is the best cost-performance control...

  • Turning Series

    As a base builder of Industry 4.0, LNC has launched a brand new turning series controllers. They are capable of controlling multi axes & multi channel hence can be connected to multiple machines, therefore several of individual workstations can be...

  • Turning (Multi-Axis)

    T5800D Controller is Advance Controller and it can handle multiple machines with single controller. It has 2 paths with 32 axes capabilities with turn mill functions.

  • Milling (Multi-Axis)

    M5800 Controller is Advance Controller and it can be used for Multi Axes Machine like VMC, Boring, HMC and SPM Machines.

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