The RV Series is a family of planocentric reduction gear mechanisms designed for precise motion control. The mechanisms incorporate a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth, and have compact, lightweight and highly rigid construction that is strong against overloading.Furthemore, minimal backlash, rotary vibration and inertia assure rapid acceleration, smooth motion and extremely accurate positioning.The RV Series reduction gears are ideally suited for precision mechanical control in factory robots, machine tools, and assembly and conveying equipment where precise positioning, stiffness and shock-load capability are demanded

  • RV-C

    Hollow shaft model of the precision reduction gear with 7.0 million units produced.Hollow type construction that maintains the same excellent accuracy, rigidity, torque, load support of the RV series(world's no.1 market share in the field for reduction gears). Hollow shaft...

  • RV-E

    Basic model of the precision reduction gear that holds the world's top share with 7.0 million units produced.Domestically produced precision reduction gear that has excellent accuracy, rigidity, torque, and load sup capabilities. The RV-E series is highly regarded for its...

  • RV-N

    RV reduction gears, already top sellers in the robotics industry, now envolved even further!!Compact N Series gears deliver great potential!! Based on our RV reduction gears which achieve 7.0 million units already shipped, the new RV N SERIES models have...

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