CTB Co.,Ltd is unique large-scale production-oriented enterprises equipped with domestic smart motor parts processing production line for combination of servo spindle motor and servo spindle drive. The product line is designed by SMTCL which adopts CNC system with independent research and development, basically can reach 4.0 industrial standards.

At the end of 2014, CTB developed new high-grade 5000„é°motorized spindle production workshop, can finish the process of motorized spindle production and testing according to no-dust and constant temperature standard.

CTB offers a wide range of products for industrial automation applications that includes

1) Servo Spindle Drive 2) Servo Spindle Motor

  • Servo Spindle Drive & Motor

    Compact tool servo spindle motors are designed to have the small, high-output characteristics of servo motors yet offer high-speed rotation (8,000r/min). These motors contribute to downsizing spindle size, like rotary tool spindles A servo spindle drive is an electronic amplifier...

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