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Baumer CTX Pressure transmitter is specially designed for General OEM applications. It is having very wide pressure range and compact design with excellent price/performance ratio. It is available in variety of industrial standard process connections.

● For General / OEM applications

● Excellent price performance ratio

● Compact Design

● Vacuum range -1 to 0

● Standard range 0 Up to 200 Bar

● Accuracy 0.5 % of FS Max. temp. 100 °C


  • HVAC Black-White

    Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning

    HVAC is the Technology of indoor and Vehicular environmental comfort. The aim of such system is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality, especially important to medium and Large scale buildings such as offices, Residential Towers, Hotels and Malls, while it also plays wide role in specific industry where HVAC system control must applied like Dairy Plants, Cold Storages and Power Generation Plants. The system maintains safe and healthy conditions of buildings by regulating Temperature and Humidity using fresh air from outdoors. LUBI caters control panel solution with sustainable product integration to enhance performance and IoT enabled cloud base data monitoring software to control the environment of the space incorporated.

  • Air-Compressor-Black-&-White

    Air Compressor

    LUBI enables customer to more easily manage compressed system to further enhance the reliability and improve efficiency by integrating automation products. Industrial solution of LUBI caters all kind of products from sensor to AC drive through which you able to control flow and pressure control of centrifugal compressor, rotary compressor controllers, or compressor system. Our Automation products make efficient control cycle to help you visualize and optimize performance, lower energy consumption, and save your money.

  • Climate-Chamber-Black-&-white

    Climate Chamber

    A Climate Chamber is managed and controlled environment used to test the endurance, stability, and practicality of equipment, products, and chemicals. LUBI caters modern automation solution for environmental conditions created in closed enclosure with effect of mimic a product may encounter during its usage. Chamber creates exposer level to the full spectra of light a product for Photostability analysis. Companies prefer LUBI to provide PID control due to its fast acting precision control loops and gain performance of PID sets offering compressor to operate at desired set points which makes an environmental chamber essential for evaluating potential success or failure and product self-life in the field.

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