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Weidmuller's D-SERIES offers economical relays for the separation of input and output signals in industrial automation. These universal relays have many sophisticated details and are available in different designs. Conventional relays and LED indicators are simply plugged in, retaining clips provide a secure fixing. Universal industrial relays with high efficiency D-SERIES relays have been developed for universal use in industrial automation applications where high efficiency is required. They have many innovative functions and are available in a particularly large number of variants and in a wide range of designs for the most diverse applications. Thanks to various contact materials (AgNi and AgSnO etc.), D-SERIES products are suitable for low, medium and high loads. Variants with coil voltages from 5 V DC to 380 V AC enable use with every conceivable control voltage. The clever contact series connection and a built-in blowout magnet reduce contact erosion for loads up to 220 V DC/10 A, thus extending the service life. The optional status LED plus test button ensures convenient service operations. D-SERIES relays are available in DRI and DRM versions with either sockets for PUSH IN technology or screw connection and can be supplemented with a wide range of accessories. These include markers and pluggable protective circuits with LEDs or free-wheeling diodes. Variants with built-in LED or test button. Tailor-made accessories from cross-connections to marker . Thanks to their many different designs, our D-SERIES industrial relay modules have a wide range of features which make them suitable for various applications.

● Control voltages from 12 V to 230 V

● Switching currents from 5 A to 30 A

● 1 to 4 changeover contacts

● Variants with built-in LED or test button

● Tailor-made accessories from cross-connections to marker

● Available with PUSH IN or screw connection

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