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The DP-100 Series is Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor (For Gas), Achieved further efficiency with 4 upgrades, keeping the same operability, Dual 3-color display makes operation easier! Improvements to the digital display deliver a wide viewing angle along with increased clarity. The display pressure range and set pressure range have also been increased. Enhanced power circuitry Addition of a reverse polarity protection circuit to the transistor output circuit. Equipped with a 30 mm 1.181 in the square compact-sized dual display.

● “Superior visibility”: Improved visibility in Digital Display

● “Long-distance transmission of analog output”: Addition of analog current output capability to multifunctional models

● Enhanced power circuitry

● 3-color display (Red, Green, Orange)

● Copy function reduces man-hours and human error

● Equipped with independent dual output [Standard type]

● Possible to switch over analog output and external input [Multi-function type]

● Peak hold and Bottom hold functions

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