Electro-magnetic Brake Motor

Electro-magnetic Brake Motor

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Electro-magnetic Brake Motor

Panasonic Electro-magnetic Brake Motor is suitable for holding the load. Because the electromagnetic brake is off when the power is turned off. it will be activated and hold the load securely. The brake can be used as an excellent safety brake at the time of power failure, load holding for a long period of time, and the prevention of free-run of the machine. Common power for both motor and brake can be used. Because the electromagnetic brake section contains a rectifier circuit, it can use the same AC power supply as the motor. Panasonic Electro-magnetic Brake Motor with two types of motor shafts. the pinion shaft is used to connect a Gearhead (specialized speed-reducing devices) to the standard compact AC motor output shaft, and the round shaft is used when the motor is operated without a Gearhead. Panasonic Gearheads are available with different ratios from 3:1 to 200:1.

● Reduction ratio: 1/3 to 1/200

● Decimal Gear Head: 1/10

● Frame size: 60 sq. mm to 90 sq. mm

● Maximum Torque: 19.6 Nm

● Suitable for holding the load at Power OFF

● instant Brake activated

● Quick-Reversal run possible

● Common power for both motor & Brake

● Built-in Thermal overload protection

Power Range

1Ph – 200V : 6W to 90W

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