Ground Ball Screw

Ground Ball Screw

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Ground Ball Screw

The Ground Ball Screws of HIWIN features high positioning accuracy,repatability,low friction moment with long service life,which is made through grinding process of the screw spindle.The Ground ball screw supports better accuracy between ordinary grade rolled ball screw and Higher grade precision ground ball screws,while it can replace the same grade other ball screws in many applications.The high precision ground ball screws serve variety of applications where high positioning accuracy and repeatability is necessity like machine tool industry.

✔ High efficiency and reversibility

✔ Backlash elimination and high stiffness

✔ High lead accuracy

✔ Predictable life expectancy

✔ Low starting torque and smooth running

✔ Quietness

✔ Short lead time

✔ Advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators

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