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Ultra High-speed · High-precision Laser Displacement Sensor, New model adds an Ethernet compatible controller to the HL-C2 Series. The HDLC-CMOS sensors have been developed especially for the HL-C2 series. High-density light-receiving cells and a processing speed close to the maximum limit result in high resolutions and high speeds which exceed all expectations for laser displacement sensors. (HDLC: High-Density Linear Cell). We have created the ideal laser using our proprietary optical technologies and aperture construction. Controllers that provide both convenience & improved product quality. On-board processing for calculations of 2 sensor heads, The controller is equipped to perform basic calculations and output results for applications such as thickness measurement for sandwiched layers and 2-point gap measurement. This can reduce computational burdens for host controllers (such as PLCs). The controllers can connect to devices such as PCs and PLCs.

● Ultra high-speed calculation processor

● “MSGB” laser with sharp and fine projection

● “High-resolution lens” for realizing stable optical path lengths

● The measurement mode setting is compatible with a variety of workpieces

● Emission adjustment area specification allows for measurement of glass surfaces

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