Induction Motor

Induction Motor

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Induction Motor

Panasonic Induction Motor is used for Continuous running in one direction. Panasonic Induction Motor with specification compliant with overseas standards is of heatproof class 130 (B). It has a High Power factor and runs with a low noise level because It is a Capacitor type Induction motor.

Panasonic Induction Motor with two types of motor shafts. the pinion shaft is used to connect a Gearhead (specialized speed-reducing devices) to the standard compact AC motor output shaft, and the round shaft is used when the motor is operated without a Gearhead. Panasonic Gearheads are available with different ratios from 3:1 to 200:1.

✔ Reduction ratio: 1/3 to 1/200

✔ Decimal Gear Head: 1/10

✔ Frame size: 60 sq. mm to 90 sq. mm

✔ Maximum Torque: 19.6 Nm

✔ High Power factor & Low noise level

✔ Motors with Round shaft & Pinion shaft

✔ Compact motor size with powerful output

✔ Built-in Thermal overload protection

✔ Motors with lead wires or the Terminal box (Sealed connector)

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