Fan, Pump & Air Compressor


Save Energy to Save Future

Fan, Pumps and Air compressors involved in transferring and decreasing volume of fluid or gas by means of high pressure, so significant amount of energy is used in these applications, which offers large scope for energy reduction measures and emphasis on energy saving equipment. Automation products such as AC Drive fulfill energy optimization for Fan and Pumping systems.

Energy Efficient Products from LUBI

✔ Automation solution of LUBI with Variable Frequency Drive aims control of Speed, flow and Head which offers a potentially large saving in energy and cost for pressure Booster systems and Air Compressors.

✔ LUBI offers customized system integration including compact modular PLC controller and smart sensors for Pressure and Flow control of fluid in various buildings and Industrial needs.



Air Compressor

LUBI enables customer to more easily manage compressed system to further enhance the reliability and improve efficiency by integrating automation products. Industrial solution of LUBI caters all kind of products from sensor to AC drive through which you able to control flow and pressure control of centrifugal compressor, rotary compressor controllers, or compressor system. Our Automation products make efficient control cycle to help you visualize and optimize performance, lower energy consumption, and save your money.

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