Machine Tools


Automation makes investment more sustainable

Machine tool manufacturers have plenty of reasons to automate their machines making throughput more predictive and making labor cost go down reducing unattained machining, hence they need help for optimum utilization of raw material perfection and adopt competitive precise production methods to reduce downtime.

LUBI manages increased Manufacturing complexity

✔ LUBI with its vast experience in Machine tools industry understands the customer need and offers complete CNC Package including accurate, stable and efficient AC Servo Motors with Spindles for Lathe, Turning, Milling and Laser Cutting machines to enhance productivity.

✔ LUBI leverages customers for precise and compact machine designs providing components like LM Guideways and Ball screws for grinding and threading systems with high load and rigidity, while offers Light curtain sensors for safety fences as machine tool risk assessment.


Lathe Machine-White

Lathe Machine Automation

Modern Technology makes future products using computer software, hardware and firmware in industry. Lathe machines are becoming more important in modernized industrialization and conventional Lathe machines are required to be retrofitted by advance semi-automatic control to get more accurate dimensions and irregular shapes. Developing and changing into semi-automatic need mechanical and electronics components to be replaced.Mehcanical side LUBI replaces Ball screws in place of Lead screws for better accuracy and removes some unnecessary components with Gear reducers. Electronic side it provides Spindle, AC Servo & Stepper motors driven by intelligent controller for efficient operation. While safety measure for human intervention is carried out by smart safety sensors.

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