Process & Control


Automation harmonizes process across business units

Process control applications provide support to system integrators and operators throughout the system’s entire lifecycle from planning, commissioning and operational algorithms. Seamless integration of Automation products reduces process downtime, ensures highest level of operability and real time Data information for analysis.

LUBI ensures Safe and User Friendly Plant Operation

✔ Comprehensive and cost effective products from LUBI includes AC motor drives, Machine vision systems, HMIs, Temperature controllers, Pressure sensors and Redundant PLC with dual CPU modules for uninterrupted plant operation in break down condition.

✔ LUBI enables plant operators to monitor and control parameters through SCADA software integrating cloud based data information analytics with high speed gigabit Ethernet gateways and routers.


Fermentor Plant Automation

Intelligent Process Control System for Fermentor Industry

Fermentation is complex process to monitor and control, particularly when traditional systems used to consummate the purpose. It is often impossible to directly measure the state of the control process online for fermentation. To overcome such deficiency in typical fermentation process, it becomes imperative to deploy automation control system for appropriate decision making, missed actions as a result of human scan rates, lower yields, lower production rates and increased downstream process variability. Automation technology and engineering expertise of LUBI enables precise control and monitoring over the industrial fermentation to produce bulk and fine chemicals in F&B and pharmaceutical industries.

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