The Production facilities at Process Industry that produces items involving manifold chemical and mechanical process for final product outcome. Multiple systems are integrated in which many main streams must be heated while some main stream must be cooled. Competitive process industry has been always changing in terms of Technology, Process regulations and Market requisite. The industry demands proficient and inventive plant engineering that can easily adapt to these changes and at the same time control investment costs. To carry our energy efficient plant technology and ease of operating process automation must drives the industry for future evolution.



HVAC – Pump Controller

HVAC system contains multiple pumps in different places with their dedicated function. (Primary pumps for Chiller, Secondary pumps for AHU/FCU).
Primary pumps transfer the water to chiller & chilled water is supplied to AHU/FCU for heat tansfer by Secondary pumps.
The return hot water is again transfer via cooling tower to primary pumps for circulation.

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Pressure Booster System

Pressure boosting system is designed to increase low pressure in a water system in order to achieve sufficient water flow and pressure as per customer need.
Multiple pumps are connected in various configurations (Direct Booster System / Zone Divided System / Roof Top System) with frequency control to achieve maximum efficiency with lower running costs and greater performance.

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Building Management System

Supervisory Control
Archiving and Data Logging of Building Mechanical
HVAC and Electrical System
Advanced Real Time Viewing Capability
ODBC Database for Data Collection
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to diagnose events and provide possible
cause scenarios

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Lubi Automation