Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Automation Platform that cares for Environment

Innovative automatic Refrigeration and Air conditioning system is evident for efficient process by better control of airflow direction and amount enables supply off-the-shelf versatile automation products used by enterprises to avoid development cost and to achieve most outcomes.

LUBI helps Maintain Environmental Comfort

✔ Lubi provides control architecture for HVAC Primary and Secondary system comprising Programmable Controller to maintain desired temperature and humidity with help of accurate Pressure sensors in space with advance HMI features making data available on Mobile messaging through GSM Modem.

✔ Lubi’s efficient supervisory control system of SCADA enables monitoring of daily real time Data for easy access and analysis of the entire process in refrigeration systems such as cold storage and HVAC control systems.


HVAC Black-White

Heating,Ventilation and Conditioning

HVAC is the Technology of indoor and Vehicular environmental comfort. The aim of such system is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality, especially important to medium and Large scale buildings such as offices, Residential Towers, Hotels and Malls, while it also plays wide role in specific industry where HVAC system control must applied like Dairy Plants, Cold Storages and Power Generation Plants. The system maintains safe and healthy conditions of buildings by regulating Temperature and Humidity using fresh air from outdoors. LUBI caters control panel solution with sustainable product integration to enhance performance and IoT enabled cloud base data monitoring software to control the environment of the space incorporated.

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