Rubber and Plastic


Enhance Performance and Productivity

Rubber & Plastic product consumption widely increasing due to high growth ratio of market demands, enabling integration of safe and error-free work with automation concept extensive to quick, flexible and easier production process. System integrators collaborates OEM and end users to develop cost effective industrial machinery and control systems that improve productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.

LUBI Makes Technology Work for Industry

✔ LUBI enables machine builders to have project implementation aligning IMM control System, precise Hydraulic Servo System, transducers for accurate position measurement and PMSM technologies to enhance production efficiency at ever reducing cost.

✔ To meet growing demand for solution to unload the molding part from IM machine, LUBI offers SCARA robots with AC Servo drives & motors driven by Motion controller for quick action and to minimize the space required with increased productivity.



Injection Molding Machine

The Traditional Process of manufacturing plastic parts has been upgraded to Automatic injection molding machine to make production faster, reliable and safe in which labor is minimized and less skill is required. For mass production, automation of molding machines can justify their initial cost and at the same time the quality of work also enhanced. Using advance equipment and automation technology LUBI enables customer to upgrade their machines with compete production line automation through Injection molding controller with Hydraulic servo control and drive integrated solution for energy saving measures.

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