Clever Engineering for Future Textile

Textile being one of the oldest industry in India having decades of old machines with legacy systems and network carries much of operations being manual and semi-automatic. Machine builders and end users closely looking at leveraging to adopt technology advancement for human and machine safety, energy savings, effort less production, self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance to increase machine and plant uptime.

LUBI Adapts Technology for Fabric Processing

✔ With next generation technologies LUBI adopts Motion controller electronic cam to replace traditional chain block and mechanical cam for shogging of guide bar in knitting machines.

✔ Competitive solution from LUBI offers PLC for reduced downtime and higher productivity, while energy saving control of AC drive enhances product quality in Fabric process machines like Stentor, Ring Frame and Jigger.


Mercerizer Plant - White

Mercerizer Plant

Mercerizer Plant in the Textile industry lead to improve the property of the fabric like luster, tensile strength, absorption of dyes, coverage of dead cotton, and dimensional stability. The many benefits that arise from normal mercerizing are, nevertheless, largely surface effects, particularly on woven fabrics. With enhanced product portfolio LUBI provides controlling of fabric throughout the plant with VFD, running in torque control mode for finished product passing through various processes controlled & monitored by PLC and HMI.

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