Water and Waste water


Fostering Water management control system

Water management of Dam, Plant process, distribution & transmission to Industry adapts real time Data monitoring with reliable system operations to control water supply procedure. Water treatment plants capable of removing impurities and unwanted components from waste water, hence need to optimize process operation through applied Automation solution. Centralized water process system with Real time monitoring enables plant to operate with optimum efficiency and control of all the equipment and process of plant from a single location.

Intelligent Automation offered by LUBI

✔ LUBI’s automation solution provides control panels to customers for distribution of drinking water in villages integrating programmable logic controllers and advance HMI with online recharge system enabling messages through GSM Modem configuration.

✔ Preferred architectures for both Power and Control comprising AC drive helps plant operators reduce energy bills and improved process management in pumping station network.

✔ LUBI caters IIoT platform providing Web Access SCADA with intelligent dashboard to provide users seamless and rationalize plant data to enhance operator response in changing conditions and analyze data with interface using HTML5 technology.



RO Water Distribution System

The water industry is one of the most remarkable industry undergoing many changes as demanding consistent approach and sustainable solution. Major Industry segment is involved in waste water processing, water purification with quality assurance and supply of drinking water in urban and rural area as well contributing reliable operation of water supply system.

LUBI discovers flexible and innovative solutions offering Industry 4.0 products of approved partners for the growth of water industry. Comprehensive product portfolio for digitalization and automation driving technologies offered by LUBI are highly adapted to fulfill requirements of customers.

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