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Amplifier-separated Digital Laser Sensor, Industry’s smallest laser sensor head LASER CLASS 1, Features stainless steel (SUS) enclosure that won't break when bumped during installation or maintenance. The LS-H101 features an easy-to-install design (One-point M6 installation) & 1m sensing range. The LS-500 series can detect any reduction in incident light intensity, for example, due to the accumulation of dirt such as dust, and issue an alarm. Sensing output 2 can be set as self-diagnosis output. When you reach the threshold for sensing output 1, sensing output 2 is set accordingly, allowing you to shift the threshold by a previously set margin.

● Industry’s smallest laser sensor head LASER CLASS 1

● Industry’s smallest Stainless steel (SUS) enclosure

● Industry’s smallest IP67 Sensor with Thinnest profile

● coaxial design is able to deliver stable sensing in confined spaces as well as simple installation

● Among the industry’s fastest response times of 60 μs

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