Lubi Electronics, established in 1997, is an ISO certified manufacturer of switching power supplies, electric panels and micro & medium geared motors. Lubi Electronics employs efficient industrial practices to design and manufacture high quality electronic products with a competitive edge. Lubi has implemented global quality standards with an intent to excel in manufacturing of products used for Industrial applications. Lubi has an experienced design and production team with latest design software and tools, an automated production line and highly reliable testing facility.
  • Servo Gear Box

    LUBI servo gearboxes are precision-engineered solutions designed to meet the demanding requirements of servo motor applications. Known for their robust construction and high efficiency, LUBI servo gearboxes play a crucial role in delivering accurate and controlled motion in various industrial...

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    Gear Motor

    AC Gear Motor is small electric motor designed with an integral gear reducer and comes with different windings which supports Fixed and Variable speed to suit discrete velocity control applications.Gear Motors function as torque multipliers and speed reducers,requiring less motor...

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    Switching Power Supply (AC-DC)

    Switching Power Supply (AC-DC) AC-DC Switched mode power supply has the functionality to extract a stable DC power by rectifying and controlling AC Input. Lubi offers an abundant lineup of rugged AC-DC switching power supplies for the industrial market. Our...

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