Nabtesco gearheads are filled at the factory with the optimal lubricant and sealed, so they are ready for installation when they are delivered to customers. The gears can therefore be installed directly in the machine or system as a plug-and-play solution.RV Lubricants provide long-term stability and high precision throughout the service life of the gear and optimised to use in cycloidal gears in robotics and machine tool construction, and other demanding applications

  • RV OIL

    The new synthetic gear oil RV oil can be considered as high-performance alternative to lubricating grease that perfectly fulfils the requirements of the market.The lubricating oil developed with consideration for high-speed applications, long-term stability and use at high temperatures.The gear...


    Top-class high-performance grease RV Grease is a further development of our lubricant Vigogrease RE 0. It offers an increased performance level and has been optimised in particular with regard to smooth running properties, low-temperature characteristics and durability. RV Grease is...


    The Nabtesco lubricant Molywhite Grease is an EP lithium-based grease with excellent wear resistance. It is based on a combination of synthetic and mineral oils with an organic molybdenum compound. The lubricant features an excellent pressure profile. Due to its...


    State of the art Vigogrease is the advanced development of our lubricant Molywhite RE 00. Like the time-proven Molywhite, Vigogrease is a combination of synthetic and mineral oils, in addition to lithium grease EP additives. Due to the new, optimised...

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