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Digital Mark Sensor (Display Type), Introduction of the 3 LED mark sensor. Automatic optimal LED selection function, The 3 colors of the R·G·B LEDs are optimally selected according to the color combination. With the LX-100's Mark mode, the built-in "Automatic optimal LED selection function" automatically selects the LED for the largest contrast (S / N ratio) between the mark and base (non-mark area) to ensure optimal sensing.

● Automatic optimal LED selection function

● Can detect any mark!

● Its digital display makes settings easy! Numerical control of the settings is possible

● Two detection modes can be selected to suit the application

● High precision mark color discrimination

● Sensing status digitally controllable

● Direct codes enable settings verification at a glance

● Key lock function

● Compact design for significant space savings


  • Vertical Foam Filling Sealing

    Vertical Foam Filling & Sealing

    Raised consumer demands in market makes OEMs imperative to upgrade their packaging machines for optimize packing process to achieve maximum machine speed with enhanced performance, premium quality packaging and at the same time keeping cost in control.LUBI’s packaging solution for VFFS machine with integrated products offers machine builders to compete in the market and meet various industry standards, reduces engineering efforts, improves machine performance and save development cost with reduced time to deliver product in market.

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