Mark Sensor

Mark Sensor

Mark Sensor

Projects a spot-beam on the target color, and identifies the color by sensing the amount of reflected beam and the relative ratio among color components, Or projects a spot-beam on an object, and identifies the color by the proportion of the amount of light received (contrast), not by the difference in the amount of the reflected beam. Color identifiable Hardly affected by background and surroundings Small object detectable with high accuracy No beam alignment needed.

  • FZ-10

    Color Detection Fiber Sensor, Reliable and precise color discrimination, Space Saving FZ-10 incorporates red, green, and blue LEDs as their beam sources, promising a longer lifetime and more excellent immunity against extraneous light than incandescent lamps and are also maintenance...

  • LX-111

    Simple 3 LED Mark Sensor, Mark Sensor for Sensing the Rainbow High-Speed and Ultra - Simple Mark Detection with Two Modes, 1) Mark mode [Ultra high-speed response] 2) Color mode [High precision discrimination]. Automatic optimal LED selection function, This function...

  • LX-100

    Digital Mark Sensor (Display Type), Introduction of the 3 LED mark sensor. Automatic optimal LED selection function, The 3 colors of the R·G·B LEDs are optimally selected according to the color combination. With the LX-100's Mark mode, the built-in "Automatic...

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