Nabtesco Corporation, established in 2003 following an integration between Tenjin Seiki Co, and NABCO Ltd., is a Japanese manufacturer and supplier of precision reduction gears, hydraulic equipments, and equipments with applications in rail road, air and marine locomotives. Especially in precision reduction gears Nabtesco Corporation enjoys chunk of the global market share with wide ranging applications in global frontier industries. With focus on quality Nabtesco products have set industry benchmarks for rigidity, precision, and long life. Nabtesco Corporation has an international presence with operations spread across Asia, North America and Europe.

We deal in Component Type, Gearhead Type and Servo Actuator RV-AF by Nabtesco.


    Nabtesco gearheads are filled at the factory with the optimal lubricant and sealed, so they are ready for installation when they are delivered to customers. The gears can therefore be installed directly in the machine or system as a plug-and-play...

  • rv-n


    The RV Series is a family of planocentric reduction gear mechanisms designed for precise motion control. The mechanisms incorporate a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth, and have compact, lightweight and highly rigid construction that is strong against overloading.Furthemore,...

  • rdr-c


    Gearhead is a sealed and prelubricated precision gearbox, complete with accomodations for motor mounting ( major motor manufacturers). Three input types are available.Nabtesco took Precision Reduction Gear RV, the most advanced in the industry, and created the RD Series.The RD...

  • af-c


    Do you want to automate but don’t have the time to spend selecting, designing and producing components? The AF series was created to provide a solution in such circumstances-to achieve automation as simple and quickly as possible. This has been...

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