16-IN NPN(P377)

 16-IN NPN module

 ● 24Vdc sinking (NPN)

 ● 16 Input channels

 ● RC network 18KHz

 ● Input current 3.5mA


  • Controller Type

    I/O Expansions
  • Control Mode

  • Communication

SKU: 16-IN NPN(P377) Category:
Max. Interface per MC664/MC664X N.A. Max. Axis on MC664/MC664X N.A. Max. Axis per Interface N.A.
Max. Axis N.A. Pulse-Dir. Axis N.A. AS Axis N.A.
Encoder Axis N.A. Extended Axis N.A. Digital I/O 16 IP
Analogue I/O N.A. Serial Port N.A. Ethernet Port N.A.
EtherCAT Port 1 CANopen Port N.A. RTEX Port N.A.
SERCOS II Port N.A. SLM Port N.A. Power Supply 24V DC
Programming N.A. Processor N.A. Servo Update N.A.
Motion Commands N.A. Network Speed 100Mbit/sec Refresh Rate >=125uS
Certification RoHS, UL & CE

16-IN NPN module has 24Vdc sourcing (NPN) type 16 input channels. It has a 3.5mA/channel input capacity. RC network 18KHz. Network speed 100mbps and refresh rate >=125us. ON voltage 13.7V and OFF voltage 14.6V threshold level. RoHS, UL, and CE approved.

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