New R.T.A. electronic drive

 ● Stepping motor drive open-frame with Intelligent Speed Controller & AMP connectors

 ● Low & High speed motion profile

 ● Auto Stop function

 ● Voltage source for potentiometer available at connector


  • Voltage Supply

    DC Voltage
  • Voltage Range

    24 to 75 Vdc
  • Drive Type

    Open PCB
  • Version

    Analog Input
SKU: ADW04 Category:
Version Analog Input Drive Type Open PCB Voltage Supply DC Voltage
Voltage Range 24 to 75 Vdc Current Range 0.65 A to 2.0 A Dimensions (mm) 122x94x25

● ADW is the new R.T.A. electronic drive designed for all applications where accurate SPEED CONTROL is needed.

● The motor velocity can be regulated in 3 ways: Analog voltage input, External potentiometer, and Internal speed settings.

● Any speed-regulated applications with variable or pre-set velocity settings.

● Conveyors: Single belt transport.

● Multi belt transport with the high precision position/speed synchronization.

● Jog or adjustment movements.

● UL Recognized.

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