Advanced More Rapid, More Stable, More Precise

✔ 1.0 kHz Velocity Response Frequency

✔ 4Mpps Exclusive Interface for Line driver Pulses

✔ Full Close Control with Linear Scale or External Encoder

✔ Built-in Electronic Cam (E-CAM) function

✔ Excellent solution for Rotary cutter and synchronized motion applications


  • Product

  • Input Supply Voltage

  • Watts

  • Encoder Resolution

    17-bit Absolute
  • Brake

SKU: ECMA-CA10807RS Category:
Watt 750 Supply Voltage 200V Communication
E-Cam Full Close Loop Encoder Resolution 17-bit Absolute
Brake Without Torque (Nm) 2.39 RPM 3000
Inertia Ratio (x 10-4 kg * m2) 1.13 Motor Frame size/Shaft Dia. (mm) 80/19    

Delta-A2 series features a built-in electronic cam (E-CAM) function which is the best solution for flying shear, rotary cutoff, and synchronized motion applications. The whole new position control Pr mode is a unique and most significant function that provides a variety of control modes to enhance system performance.

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