One-Touch Connection System Vacuum-resistant Fibers

 ● Convergent Reflective

 ● Shape : Rectangular,

 ● Diffuse Type

 ● Bending Radius : R25

 ● Fiber Length 3m,


  • Type

    Diffuse Fiber Head
  • Shape

  • Bending Radius

  • Connection Type

    Fixed Cable, 3m
SKU: FD-L10V Category:
Type Diffuse Fiber Head Shape Rectangular Sensing Range
Sensing Width Digital Dispaly Output
Output Operation Input supply Emitting Element
Bending Radius R25 Connection Type Fixed Cable, 3m Beam Spot Diameter
Timer Function Response Time Sensitivity setting
Enclosure Protection Beam axis dia.(mm) ø1.3
Beam axis position /
Inclination of beam axis
Ambient temp '-30 to +300ºC Particular Characteristics Convergent Reflective

 ● Vacuum-resistant fiber flange designed to enable easy connection (one-touch connection) and disconnection of fibers one by one or at the same time. One-touch connection just in 1 second, The newly developed one-touch connection system allows easy connection of a fiber by simply positioning the fiber in the specified direction and inserting. The fiber can be disconnected by pulling the holding bracket up. The one-touch connection system helps reduce working hours dramatically.

 ● Vacuum-resistant 4CH / 1CH flange, The flange connection system requires less space for the fiber lead-in section and fewer holes to drill.

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