High Speed High Accuracy Eddy Current Type Digital Displacement Sensor

 ● Sensor Head

 ● Sensing Range : 0 to 10 mm

 ● Fixed Cable, 3m


  • Type

    Sensor Head
  • Sensing Range

    0 to 10 mm
  • Connection Type

    Fixed Cable, 3m
Type Sensor Head Sensing Range 0 to 10 mm
Connection Type Fixed Cable, 3m Enclosure Brass (Nickle Plated)

High-speed sampling and high resolution. The new choice for even more varied data collection and processing. They perform with a ±0.3 % F.S. linearity for stainless steel and iron, Because they perform with a ±0.3 % F.S. linearity, they can be used for sensing stainless steel and iron enabling precise measurements not affected by the work’s material. Specifications corresponding to each material (stainless steel, iron, aluminum) has already been inputted in the controller enabling the easy selection of the setting that is the most suitable for the particular material used. With a 25 μs ultra high sampling speed, the GP-X series will not miss even high speed work displacements. With high resolution, 0.02 % F.S. (Note), they can perform high-accuracy measurements of microdisplacements. By combining the sensor head with the controller, we have achieved 0.07 % F.S./ºC. Highly resistant to ambient temperature changes enabling stable microdisplacement measurements. All sensor heads are oil-proof as per IP67G enabling safe, stable performance. Sensor heads with superior workability and mainfainability.

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