Contact-type Digital Displacement Sensor

 ● Measurement Range : 10 mm

 ● Resolution : 0.5 µm

 ● Indication Accuracy (P-P) : 1 µm

 ● Connector Type


  • Sensor Type

    Standard Sensor Head
  • Sensing Range

    10 mm
  • Resolution

    0.5 µm
  • Connection Type

    Connector Type
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Type Standard Sensor Head Shape Rectangular Sensing Range 10 mm
Repeatability Resolution 0.5 μm Indication accuracy (P-P) Full range: 2.0 μm & Narrow range: 1.0 μm
Digital Display Output Communications Interface
Output Operation Input supply Emitting Element
Connection Type Connector Type Sensing Object Size Beam Spot Diameter
Timer Function Response Time Max. Response Frequency
Enclosure Zinc Protection IP67 (IEC) Particular Characteristics Optical absolute linear encoder method

A robust and slim body contributes to longer service life, The optical absolute method eliminates “value skipping” and “unset zero point”! Box type with an ultra-slim 11 mm 0.433 in width, Plain bearings with a 2-point support structure, and A new structure support the spindle with upper and lower plain bearings to significantly increase rigidity. Unlike ball bearings, these bearings efficiently disperse lateral loads on the spindle, significantly reducing the risk of breakage.

The sensor head can be changed safely without turning off the controller. This reduces the man-hours required for the change of line setup for processing of different workpieces, thus achieving a significant reduction of setup change time. Spindle whirl-stop is accomplished by means of a metal guide requiring a several μm level assembly precision. Unlike a plastic guide, the risk of measurement error and glass scale breakage caused by deformation, wear, and other deterioration is significantly reduced.

Spindle stopper installed, Even if unexpected upward thrust occurs, the lower turning off the power supply part of the spindle blocks the impact. Damage to the internal structure, including the glass scale, is minimized. Impressive durability, Original test was conducted to ensure durability against vertical sliding and lateral load that sensors are often subjected to in actual operations. There is a reason why you can use this product with peace of mind for a long time.

Displacement is measured by reading a glass scale with a different slit pattern at each reading position using a high-resolution sensor. This eliminates “value skipping” even when measuring at high speed, and there is no concern of “unset zero point”. Tip deviation amount of 35 μm or less, Tip deviation that reduces measurement precision is also minimized. Deviation of the measurement point is held to a minimum.

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