Series of stepper motors with integrated mini step bipolar chopper drives

 ● Equipped with programmable motion controller

 ● Setting by means of CANopen interface

 ● HI-MOD A with Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

 ● Compact system housed in a metallic box mounted on the motor body, minimizing dimensions and optimizing wiring and mounting easiness


  • Voltage Supply

    DC Voltage
  • Voltage Range

    32 to 75 Vdc
  • Drive Type

    Combo Unit
  • Version

SKU: HI-MODA Category:
Version CANopen Drive Type Combo Unit Voltage Supply DC Voltage
Voltage Range 32 to 75 Vdc Current Range Dimensions (mm)

● Microstepping function up to 3.200 step/rev.

● Communication by means of CANopen interface.

● Command to execute runs with position control to set: distance, direction, speed, and acceleration.

● Command to execute zero research (HOMING).

● Possibility to detect motor loss of synchronism or stall and position error by means of Incremental Encoder (HI-MOD E) or high resolution Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder (HI-MOD A).

● The system does not need a backup battery to keep the information when shut down (HI-MOD A).

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