Ultra High-speed High-precision Laser Displacement Sensor Head

 ● Measurement Range : 110 ± 15 mm

 ● Resolution : 0.1 µm

 ● Beam Diameter : ø80 µm

 ● 0.5m cable with Connector


  • Sensor Type

    Small Beam Spot type Sensor Head
  • Sensing Range

    110 ± 15 mm
  • Resolution

    0.1 µm
  • Connection Type

    0.5 m Cable with Connector
SKU: HL-C211CE Category:
Type Small Beam Spot type Sensor Head Shape Sensing Range 110 ± 15 mm
Repeatability Resolution 0.1 μm Indication accuracy (P-P)
Digital Display Output Communications Interface
Output Operation Input supply Emitting Element Red Semiconductor Laser Class 3R
Connection Type 0.5 m Cable with Connector Sensing Object Size Beam Spot Diameter ø80 µm
Timer Function Response Time Max. Response Frequency
Enclosure Die-cast Aluminum Protection IP67 (IEC) Particular Characteristics Receiving Element: Linear Image Sensor

The HDLC-CMOS sensors have been developed specially for the HL-C2 series. High-density light-receiving cells and a processing speed close to the maximum limit result in high resolutions and high speeds which exceed all expectations for laser displacement sensors. (HDLC: High-Density Linear Cell). We have created the ideal laser using our proprietary optical technologies and aperture construction.

Furthermore, emission adjustment algorithms have been redesigned to maintain ideal emission conditions. Ultra-high-speed calculation processor, Using our specialized proprietary IC and custom algorithms for high-speed processing, information is digitally transmitted between the sensor head and controller. Both high-speed transmission and stability are realized for measurement values. “High-resolution lens” for realizing stable optical path lengths, We designed a new high-resolution lens to reduce lens aberration as much as possible. Light entering from any angle can be gathered at a minimum point to realize even higher precision.

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