EasyPact TVS differential thermal overload relay

● Thermal protection adjustment range:-0.4…0.63 A

● Thermal overload class:- class 10A

● EasyPact TVS thermal overload relays are designed to protect a.c. circuits


  • Thermal Protection Range

    0.4 to 0.63
Thermal protection adjustment range 0.4…0.63 A Product compatibility LC1D25
auxiliary contact composition 1 NO + 1 NC
Mounting support Plate, with specific accessories
Rail, with specific accessories
Under contactor
Relay application Motor protection Network frequency 0…400 Hz
signalling function Thermal overload class Class 10A conforming to IEC 60947-4-1 Start-up Torque
Rated Operational Voltage  [Ue] rated operational voltage:- .690 V AC 0…400 Hz for power circuit conforming to IEC 60947-4-1

● TeSys LRD thermal overload relays – 0.4…0.63 A – class 10A

● Conformance to IEC, UL, CSA

● Range : 0.1A to 104A

● Direct mounting on contactor is possible upto 95A,Tripping class 10A & 20 available

● Thermal overload relays are used across multiple electrical applications like fans, mixers, pumps, compressors, elevators, compressors, and more. These relays offer several benefits like cost efficiency, adjustable current range, effective operating principle, and more. At Schneider Electric India, we carry a diversified portfolio of thermal overload relays under our exceptionally designed range called TeSys.

● With its integrated manual-automatic reset and simple installation in screw clamp terminals, by spring terminal, by ring terminals and by EverLink terminals version, model LRD thermal overload relays are very reliable and cover the whole range of motor ratings up to 150 A. They can be combined with TeSys d contactors to form an extremely compact starter.

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