Amplifier-separated Digital Laser Sensor

 ● Laser Sensor Amplifier

 ● Output : NPN

 ● Connector Type


  • Amplifier Type

    Laser Sensor Head (Amplifier Separated)
  • Sensor Type

  • Shape

  • Output

SKU: LS-401 Category:
Type Amplifier Shape Sensing Range
Repeatability Digital Display Yes Output NPN
Output Operation L-ON / D-ON Selectable Input supply 12 to 24 VDC Emitting Element
Connection Type Connector Type Sensing Object Size Beam Spot Diameter
Timer Function Yes Response Time 80 µs Enclosure
Protection Particular Characteristics Amplifier-separated Type

User-friendly, high precision laser sensing! Equipped with 2 large 4-digit digital displays. While checking the current incident light intensity (red display), the optimal threshold value (green display) can be set easily. Only two switches, the large MODE key, and the large jog switch are required for operation. When sensing at close range or when the target objects are transparent or minute, adjust the sensor receiving sensitivity to one of 3 levels (U-LG mode: 4 levels) for the optimal setting. In addition, changing the receiving sensitivity will not affect the response time. 4 new modes enable a wide array of sensing. Frequently used functions such as response time, M.G.S. function, data bank load, emission halt function, and D-CODE values can be stored in CUSTOM mode. The settings can also be changed easily. If you do not want to place a laser spot in the visual range of the image processor, you can stop the laser radiation using the emission halt signal from the external input.

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