Amplifier-separated Digital Laser Sensor

 ● Laser Sensor Amplifier

 ● Output: NPN

 ● Connector Type


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    Laser Sensor Amplifier (Amplifier Separated)
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    Connector Type
SKU: LS-501 Category:
Type Amplifier Shape Rectangular Sensing Range
Repeatability Digital Display Yes Output NPN
Output Operation L-ON / D-ON Selectable Input supply 12 to 24 VDC Emitting Element
Connection Type Connection Type Sensing Object Size Beam Spot Diameter
Timer Function Yes Response Time 60 µs Enclosure Polycarbonate
Protection IP40 (IEC) Particular Characteristics Amplifier-separated Type

The LS-500 series can detect any reduction in incident light intensity, for example, due to the accumulation of dirt such as dust, and issue an alarm. Sensing output 2 can be set as self-diagnosis output. When you reach the threshold for sensing output 1, sensing output 2 is set accordingly, allowing you to shift the threshold by a previously set margin. The LS-500’s threshold-tracking function helps maintain stable sensing over the long term and reduces maintenance man-hours. The incident light intensity can be checked and the threshold automatically reset at a user-selected interval to track changes in light intensity due to environmental changes (such as dust, etc.) over extended periods of time. The LS-500’s ability to perform three logic operations (AND, OR, and XOR) on a standalone basis eliminates the need for a dedicated controller, cuts down on wiring, and lowers costs. Eight sets of amplifier settings can be stored in the unit’s built-in memory. The ability to save and load settings reduces workload when changing the setup in a multimodel production environment.

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