High-Performance Motion control

✔ Cyclic & Profile Position/ Velocity/ Torque & Full Close Control Modes

✔ 3.2KHz Velocity response frequency

✔ Minimum Communication period 0.125ms

✔ Communication speed 100Mbps Full-duplex


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Watt 200 Supply Voltage 200V Communication EHERCAT
Control Mode Profile Position Mode (PP),
Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode (CSP),
Homing Mode (HM),
Profile Velocity Mode (PV),
Cyclic Synchronous Velocity Mode (CSV),
Torque Profile Mode (TQ),
Cyclic Synchronous Torque Mode (CST)
I/O 8 Input /3 Output Display Removable
Full Close Loop NO Encoder Resolution Brake
Torque (Nm) RPM Inertia Ratio (x 10-4 kg * m2)
Motor Frame size/Shaft Dia. (mm) Motor Type    

Panasonic EtherCAT servo driver is Advanced EtherCAT servo driver for High-Performance Motion control. Its a smallest EtherCAT servo driver in market. Panasonic EtherCAT servo driver has many in-built supported applications (7 control modes of operation, 32 origin-return modes, 2 synchronous modes, and an asynchronous mode). Panasonic EtherCAT driver Support PC-based Controller.

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