Ultra High-Speed Network servo

✔ Cyclic & Profile Position/ Velocity/ Torque & Full Close Control Modes

✔ 3.2KHz Velocity response frequency

✔ Minimum Communication period 0.0625ms

✔ Communication speed 100Mbps Full-duplex


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Watt 2400 Supply Voltage 200V Communication RTEX
Control Mode Profile Position Control (PP),
Cyclic Position Control (CP),
Cyclic Velocity Control (CV),
Cyclic Torque Control (CT)
I/O 8 Input /3 Output Display Removable
Full Close Loop NO Encoder Resolution Brake
Torque (Nm) RPM Inertia Ratio (x 10-4 kg * m2)
Motor Frame size/Shaft Dia. (mm) Motor Type    

Panasonic RTEX is an Advance Network to realize high -precise real-time performance for servo control. RTEX (Realtime Express) is a high speed synchronous motion network developed by Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic RTEX servo is an ultra High-speed Network servo. Panasonic RTEX has a shorter update period which Increased the number of points per distance and makes the command position more smooth in addition to the new high-resolution encoder.

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