Highly efficient & Compact Size

 ● long life expectancy with minimum or no maintenance

 ● Compact in size suitable for various applications

 ● Withstand 2 million starts and stop cycles


  • Product

    Gear Head
  • Gear Head Type

    Metal Bearing
  • Frame Size

  • Gear Head Ratio

SKU: MX7G10M Category:
Watt Supply Voltage Number of pole
Frequency (Hz) Current(A) Starting Current(A)
Rated Torque (Nm) Starting Torque(N-m) RPM
Motor Frame Size (mm) Gear head type Metal Bearing Gear Head Ratio 10
Gear Head Frame size 70

Panasonic Gear Head series various types of gear heads are available. They are compact in size suitable for various appications. They are highly efficient so they will provide reliable continouas operation and long life expectancy with minimum or no maintenance.

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