Gefran SLIDER type linear scale to measure linear displacement

 ● Slider type linear transducer

 ● Drive Shaft Construction Material – Stainless steel AISI 303

 ● Mechanical drive with joint for taking up play

 ● M5 thread anchorage brackets with variable center-to-center distance

 ● Transducer Body Construction Material – Anodised aluminum Nylon 66 GF 40



  • Type

    Slider Type
  • Length (mm)

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Length (mm) 1500 TYPE SLIDER Type Useful electrical stroke from 50 to 1350 mm
Independent linearity ± 0.05%. Repeatability 0.01 mm Displacement speed Standard ≤ 10 m/s
Protection level IP65 Vibrations 5…2000Hz, Amax =0.75 mm max. = 20 g Shock 50 g, 11ms.
Acceleration 200 m/s2 max (20g) Maximum applicable voltage 60V

Gefran’s position sensors are based on potentiometric technology providing a broad flexible range. Measures the definite position: upon switching the system on, the sensor immediately reads the actual position without having to perform any mechanical repositioning.

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