Ultra-small, U-shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensor

 ● F Type

 ● Sensing Range: 6 mm

 ● Output: NPN

 ● Fixed Cable, 3m


  • Sensor Type

    F Type
  • Shape

  • Sensing Range

    6 mm
  • Output

  • Connection Type

    Fixed Cable, 3m
  • Sensing Object Size

    0.8 x 1.2 mm
SKU: PM-F25-C3 Category:
Type F Shape U-Shaped Sensing Range 6 mm
Repeatability 0.01 mm Output NPN Output Operation L-ON / D-ON Selectable
Input supply 5 to 24 VDC Emitting Element Infrared LED Connection Type Fixed Cable, 3m
Sensing Object Size 0.8 x 1.2 mm Response Time < 20 µs Enclosure
Protection IP64 (IEC) Particular Characteristics

One step ahead in performance and mounting ease. All models are standardly equipped with the following protection circuits in their compact bodies. These protection circuits minimize the possibility of sensor malfunctions caused by erroneous wiring.

  • Reverse supply polarity protection circuit
  • Reverse output polarity protection circuit
  • Output short-circuit protection circuit.

Our original integrated molding method has eliminated grooves and gaps on the sensing surface and main body, thus reducing the possibility of malfunctions caused by splashing water or dust. The beam emitting and receiving sections are 0.5 mm 0.02 in thinner than those on our conventional models while their external dimensions are the same. As a result, the distance between the beam emitting point and receiving point increased by 1 mm 0.039 in. The wider distance means less possibility of collision between the sensing section and sense object. The upper-limit and lower-limit positions of the beam can be visually confirmed from the front, back, right, and left sides of the sensor unit. This allows easy adjustment of the position of the sensing object.

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