Advanced precision reduction gearhead model(Solid Series)

 ● Backlash less than 1 arc. min.

 ● Lost motion less than 1 arc. min. Internal main bearing.

 ● Major motor coupling

 ● Sealed greaseParts included


  • Gear Type

    Gear Heads
  • Shaft Type

    Flange Output
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w number (kw) Ratio 31 Rated Output Speed (r.p.m.) 30
Backlash(arc.min.) less than 1 Lost Motion(arc.min.) less than 1 Torsional Regidity(Nm/arc.min.) 20
Moment Rejidity(Nm/arc.min.) 117

Featuring mounting parts compatible with all major servomotors and sealed with grease before shipping, this model’s time-saving design makes it easier to use than ever.Each type is highly user-friendly and provides outstanding performance.

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