Hollow Shaft Model of the Precision Reduction Gear

 ● 7.0 million units produced

 ● Hollow shaft construction

 ● Backlash less than 1 arc.min

 ● Lost motion less than 1 arc.min. Internal main bearing


  • Gear Type

  • Shaft Type

    Hollow shaft
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w number (kw) Ratio 36.57 Rated Output Speed (r.p.m.) 15
Backlash(arc.min.) less than 1 Lost Motion(arc.min.) less than 1 Torsional Regidity(Nm/arc.min.) 147
Moment Rejidity(Nm/arc.min.) 1068

Hollow type construction that maintains the same excellent accuracy, rigidity, torque, load support of the RV series(world’s no.1 market share in the field for reduction gears). Hollow shaft configuration allows for easy routing of piping and cables.

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