Compact & Robust Safety Light Curtain Type 4

● Hand Protection Type

● Sensing Height : 150 mm

● Sensing Range : 0.2 to 15 m

● Output : 2 x NPN / PNP

● Connector Type


  • Sensor Type

    Type 4, Hand Protection
  • Sensing Height

    150 mm
  • Sensing Range

    0.2 to 15 m
  • Beam Pitch

    20 mm
  • Sensing Object Size

    ø25 mm
  • Output

    2 X NPN / PNP
  • Connection Type

    Connector Type
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Type Type 4, Hand Protection Shape Sensing Height 150 mm
Sensing Range 0.2 to 15 m Digital Error Indicator Yes Output 2 X NPN / PNP
Output Operation NC Input supply 24 VDC Emitting Element
Connection Type Connector Type Beam Pitch 20 mm No. Beam Channels 8
Sensing Object Size ø25 mm Response Time < 10 ms Enclosure Polycarbonate Aluminum
Protection IP67, IP65(IEC), NEMA Type 13 Particular Characteristics External Device Monitoring, Override,
Muting, Interlock Function

The slim and robust unit body resists twisting, warping, and impact, The internal unit was redesigned and downsized extensively. The internal unit was downsized to less than 40% (volume ratio) as compared to the conventional model while achieving higher performance. The case structure was also optimized and offers high rigidity without any change in external dimensions. The SF4D series provides high performance and high reliability while maintaining the installation and wiring compatibility with the previous models. Completely new mounting brackets and structure. In addition to strengthening the rigidity of the mounting brackets, we have also improved the method of attachment to the safety light curtain unit.

The power of the emitter has increased significantly. New high power optical system offering stable operation even for long distance setup The high resistance to dust and dirt contributes to the reduction of maintenance frequency. The SF4D series complies with IP67 and IP65 (IEC) as well as NEMA Type 13 (NEMA 250). A digital indicator with a numeric display of light incidence margin facilitates beam axis adjustment and preventive maintenance.

The OFF response time of the control outputs (OSSD 1, OSSD 2) of the SF4D series is 10 ms or less. Dead zoneless design enables easy calculation of safe distance.

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