Solid Output Shaft

 Right Angle Servo Gearheads

 ● Single or Dual Shaft classic solution

 ● Three accuracy classes (in arcmin): Expert, Medium and Basic

 ● Input speed upto 6000 RPM

 ● Can be mounted in any position

 ● Greater efficiency upto 98 Per cent

 ● Supports High Torsional Stiffness


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    Solid Output Shaft
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Dynabox Gearbox comes along with Solid output (single or dual), a classical solution.

DYNABOX gearboxes can be specified as either EXPERT, MEDIUM or BASIC units with lower backlash options.

 ● EXPERT: 1 arc-minute for the most demanding applications

 ● MEDIUM: 5 arc-minute, a good compromise price/quality

 ● BASIC: 10 arc-minute,a budget gearhead to cut servo system costs

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