Slim Body Automatic Sensitivity Setting Photoelectric Sensor

 ● Photoelectric Sensor Amplifier with External Synchronization Input

 ● Output: NPN

 ● Response Time: 0.6 ms

 ● Fixed Cable, 2m


  • Sensor Type

  • Shape

  • Output

  • Connection Type

    Fixed Cable, 2m
SKU: SU-75 Category:
Type Amplifier Shape Rectangular Sensing Range
Repeatability Output NPN Output Operation L-ON / D-ON Selectable
Input supply 12 to 24 VDC Emitting Element Connection Type Fixed Cable, 2m
Sensing Object Size Timer Function No Response Time < 0.6 ms
Enclosure Heat-resistance ABS Protection Sensitivity adjuster
Particular Characteristics

Anyone can carry out the optimum sensitivity setting by simply pressing two buttons. A snap of the lever secures the connection of the sensor head cables on the SU-7 amplifier. It is no longer required to strip the wire insulation. Further, the exclusive stripper (accessory) can be used to easily peel off the sensor cable outer sheath. Sensitivity for detection of minute differences can be set by the push of one button without the presence of an object. The set threshold level can be shifted from the center towards either the ON or OFF level. Two sensor heads can be mounted close together. Compact size: 0.3 cm3 & Thickness: 3 mm.

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