A NEMA17 hybrid bipolar stepper

 ● 1.7 x1.7 inch(42×42 mm)faceplate

 ● High torque, high response, and lightweight

 ● High reliability and life expectancy, even in harsh environments


  • Type

  • Step Angle

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Type Unipolar Step Angle 1.8′ Shaft Single
Rated Voltage V/Phase 7.2 Rated Current A/Phase 0.8 Holding Torque N.m(kgf.cm) 0.32(3.2)
Motor Length mm 47 Mass kg 0.31

Nema 17 Step motor is small size motor with high torque, Its generally used in 3D Printers/Prototype Machines,Textile Machines,Precise Control Machines,Pick and Place,Diamond Cutting, etc. Its flange size is 42mm with 5mm shaft Diameter.

● Driving Step Angle 1.8 degree/pulse

● Rated Current per phase 0.3 to 1.4Amp.

● Holding Torque 0.16 Nm to 0.883 Nm

● Winding feature is Bipolar/Unipolar

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