Delta Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive

● Sensorless Vector Control (SVC)

● Hot pluggable LCD keypad

● Built-in PLC function

● Networking drive system

● Auto energy saving

● Excellent variable torque control of asynchronous motors


  • Supply Type (Ø)

    3-Phase, 415V
  • KW

  • HP

  • Rated output current

KW 400KW HP 530HP Input Supply 3-Phase, 415V
Output Current 683Amp. Braking Chopper Built in up to 50HP Output Frequency (HZ) 230 V model: 599.00 (55 kW and above: 400.00)
460 V model: 599.00 (90 kW and above: 400.00)
PID Function Built in PLC Function Built-in PLC (10k steps) MODBUS COM Built in
CANopen Optional PROFIBUS DP Optional PROFINET Optional
DeviceNet Optional Modbus TCP Optional EtherNet/IP Optional
EtherCAT NA BACnet Optional PG Close Loop NA
KEYPAD Built in Detachable Control Mode 1: V / F (V / F control)
2: SVC (Sensorless Vector Control)
3: PM (Permanent Magnet Motor)

● With a built-in 10K steps Delta PLC allows users to execute distributional control and independent control when connecting to a network system. Delta CP2000 series drives provide you the intelligent control possibility beyond your imagination.

● The calendar function allows users to program the PLC procedure, the ON/OFF in chronological order, the daylight saving time and etc.

● A wide range of models (0.75~630KW) to fulfill the demands of different industries.

● The modularized design eases maintenance and expansion.

● High speed communication interfaces with MODBUS protocol and BACnet protocol built-in.

● Diverse communication methods to satisfy clients@@ needs on multi-controls. So the following options are available for you: the Profi BUS-DP, the DeviceNet, the MODBUS TCP, the Ethernet-IP, and the CANopen Cards.

● Long-life design and self diagnosis for key components.

● Special PCB coating design (Printed Circuit Board) for enhancing environmental tolerance.

● Complied with global safety standards: CE, UL, and cUL

● Standard LCD model (IP20/NEMA1) with built-in PLC to support up to 10K steps

● Heat-sink design. Able to operate at 50°C ambient temperature and to adjust automatically rated output value to make the AC drive work continuously.

● Run fire mode while emergency to have uninterrupted smoke releasing and pressure adding

● Multi pumps control at fixed amount, fixed time circulating control. Able to control 8 pumps at the same time. (Such as Image01 and Image02, optional multi-control relay card is required.)

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