Webaccess SCADA

 Industrial IoT Application Software Platform

 ● 100% Web-Based Architecture

 ● Support Multiple Protocols and Drivers

 ● Open interface and Data Connectivity

 ● Data to cloud via MQTT

 ● Excel compatible Reports and Real Time Database


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Advantech’s WebAccess SCADA makes use of equipment networking in the acquisition and uploading of large volumes of data to the cloud for big data analysis which has become critical in the evolution of industrial applications.With industry standard communication protocols, various equipment data can be collected using a range of technologies including traditional industrial communication equipment, standard databases, IoT devices, devices for managing the equipment status of computer platforms, network switches, and webcams used for image management

● Web based SCADA provides a unique environment for development and remote maintenance

● Supports over 200 device drivers that connect to Advantech I/O and other controllers

● Open Interface supports user to integrate WebAccess data into customized apps or applications

● Through ODBC interface, WebAccess/SCADA can store historical data in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access for offline data sharing with MES or ERP systems

● Software publishes real-time and historical data to private/public cloud platforms via MQTT

● WebAccess provides Excel compatible reports for self-defined reporting with Real Time Database to optimize operational effectiveness

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